In 2014, members of the Lewes High School Class of 1969 became aware of a classmate suffering from a prolonged illness which led to a catastrophic financial situation. Recognizing this need, members came together to raise funds to assist their former classmate.

As a result of that one case, we became aware of an even greater need for assistance in times of crisis within the local community. This led to the formation of the Cape Community Fund.

Fund Request

Today, the fund accepts requests from both referral agencies (health, emergency, human services organizations) and individuals themselves. Each request is given an immediate evaluation based upon established criteria. Per Federal IRS regulations, recipients cannot be pre-selected.


The amount distributed annually depends on the level of annual sponsorships and donations to the fund. Donors can be assured that each request for support will be verified and validated through the intermediary services of the Cape Community Fund’s board of advisors.


All gifts are fully tax-deductible, and a report of fund distributions is regularly updated and available for review. The Cape Community Fund receives fiduciary services and oversight from the Greater Lewes Foundation.  As an all-volunteer organization, 100% of your donation goes to people in need.